From Home to Skin: The Evolution of the Candle

the history of the candle

We’ve seen almost every medium adapt and evolve to suit our increasingly busy and equally demanding lives. There’s an app to automate or enhance every inch of your day, we can stream whatever we want, whenever we want – the list goes on.

But what about the humble candle? According to the National Candle Association the candle has been illuminating different cultures for thousands of years, yet we’ve barely moved the needle in how it’s used.

Well, until now of course. Our Skindlettes have been working away for many moons to develop a versatile, multi-purpose candle that mimics the functionality of your favourite, go-to beauty products.

Our skin-candle champions natural ingredients you would find in any high-quality, no-nasties skin care products (think: jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, even olive oil!) except it’s been specially formulated to challenge conventional beauty wisdom – one product that’s equally suited for your body than it is for your hair and bath.

After over 20 years in the beauty industry, our chief Skindlette/founder Olivia had enough of fads and the notion you need to clutter your routine with a squillion products. So many people were being left out of the beauty equation; she figured it was time to create something everyone could love, use and enjoy.

First, the candle part

Aside from doubling as your hassle-free beauty partner-in-crime, it does serve the more obvious purpose of being a really delectable candle. The scents are derived from fragrance oils, which are free from parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates (basically all the bad P’s) and musk.

They’re also vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable because testing products on animals is not cool, and neither is polluting the Earth. We encourage you to reuse the vessels when the contents run out as it has proven to be a pretty nifty canister for almost anything around the house.

The skin-candle burns for ridiculous amount of time, which is why we don’t stipulate a specific burn time. The sensory experience doesn’t stop till you extinguish the flame.

Candle chameleon: body, hair and bath

It’s clear candles are revered across the globe, just ask Sophie Bottwood, senior beauty merchandiser at Net-a-Porter:

“Candles are one of the fastest-growing areas of our beauty business, with sales almost tripling in the last year, and the UK is the biggest market in Europe”

While there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to go beyond just a candle, a frantic moment at Olivia’s former Melbourne salon caused her to think otherwise.

She was about to get stuck into a massage treatment, when she opened the towel warmer to find no one had filled the empty massage oil bottles. The briefly stressful moment sparked a bizarre thought as she gazed at a nearby candle; if only she could just dip her hand in it and scoop out the oil.

Luckily for her client, she resisted the urge, but the mishap is what ultimately planted the seed for our skin-candle. Thanks to this fleeting moment, you can use your skin-candle in 3 ways:

  • Body: scrape it or light it, you can either enjoy as a nourishing body butter or an ultra-hydrating body oil.
  • Hair: once melted, add two spoonfuls to towel-dried hair for a 15-min treatment. Wash out and blow dry for shampoo commercial-worthy locks.
  • Bath: once melted, add two spoonfuls to bath water and have some fun bursting the oil lipids onto your skin. It not only releases the scent, but also nurtures your skin.

If you’re ready to experience more than just a candle, check out our scents and let us know what you think! Social, email, or the comments below – we want to hear from our Skindlettes.

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