The Inspiration Behind the Burning Love Of Origins

What’s really behind the Burning Love of Origins collection? Is it just a random collection of scents or is there more than meets the eye?

Like all good things, each skin candle is full of purpose and laden with inspiration; namely cultural influences in the form of foods, smells and travel destinations.

If you can’t get on a plane, why not light your candle and let the scents take you on a sensory adventure? Allow it to transport you to a particular time and place or reignite your wanderlust while it burns.

Here are a few special travel hot spots, foodie notes and vibes courtesy of our chief Skindlette Olivia revealing her inspiration behind each candle.

Coconut, Pineapple & Lime

  • Destination: Southeast Asia
  • Food: a pina colada could be classified as a meal on holiday, right?
  • Vibe: you’re in a tropical paradise with a coconut in tow as you sink your feet into the white sand whilst taking in the refreshing, balmy breeze. There are swaying coconut trees all around you and fresh pineapples and limes being cut and squeezed. 

coconuts in water full of pina coladas

Mandarin & Mimosa

  • Destination: Japan
  • Food: sashimi (Liv’s all-time favourite food)
  • Vibe: you’re walking the modern, bustling streets of Tokyo and every so often you’re drawn to traditional nooks off the main path bursting with unfamiliar yet mouth-watering smells; or streets and streams lined with cherry blossoms!

Frankincense, Amber & Myrrh

  • Destination: Morocco
  • Food: anything that comes in a tagine packed with spice
  • Vibe: you’re in a whirlwind of vibrant colours, decadent architecture and simply sensuous scents as you navigate the maze of streets in the medina.

man standing in moroccan mosque

French Pear & Cinnamon

  • Destination: France
  • Food: a pear tarte tatin
  • Vibe: you’re hopping from cafe to chic boutique to boulangerie as you soak up the magic and sophistication of living like a Parisienne for a day.

macarons and coffee on plate

Redcurrant & Rhubarb

  • Destination: England
  • Food: desserts with tarty, delectably pungent flavours
  • Vibe: you’re frolicking in one of England’s lush gardens (thanks, rain) overlooking a river, enjoying a delicious picnic full of quintessential English goodies like the famed tart (redcurrant and rhubarb, of course!).

berry pies and tea on table

Keen to set your own vibe? Pick a scent (or scents!) and treat your mind, body and soul to a well-deserved beauty candle escape.

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